Monday, December 30, 2013


Twenty three
20 + 3
Happy Anniversary to us!
On Friday we celebrated our 23rd anniversary.
Twenty three years ago I married my best friend 
in the Oakland Temple for time and all eternity.
Best decision ever!
We've had our ups. We've had our downs.
We've laughed, cried, disagreed, agreed, loved, and cherished.
So thankful to be married to Mr Call. 
{this photo was from Christmas Eve}
We celebrated low key.
I had been battling the flu big time since Christmas and the days following.
Being that I was better, but still a bit weak, we decided to go to the movies.
We invited Lex and Brian to go with us.
{thankful for Erin, Grace, and Zac for babysitting Miss Ellie}
We went and saw Saving Mr Banks
and I would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone.
It was amazing! So much so that I want to go see it again!!
It was the perfect way to spend a perfect date with my hubby.
Happy Anniversary Handsome!
Looking forward to a great trip together this year to make up for this anniversary!!
Love ya!

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Cindy Sharkey said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You are my heroes, through thick and thin you stick together like glue. Thanks for being a good role model. :)