Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to us!

No one can get enough of this darling goodness.
She is happy, toddling all around the house.
She loves peeking in at Grandpa while he's working and
then grinning and sneaking off.
She has a special love for Zac
And he has a special love for her.
Ellie laughs at everything Zac does.
She also loves her amazing aunts Erin and Grace.
Needless to say, having the Zurchers here is fabulous!

 She loves, loves, loves all of the "babies" and carries them around everywhere!
 Grammas turn to get some cuddles in!
 Sunday after church dinner helpers! She's getting the tomatoes ready for salad making!
 Jumping on the tramp with her best buddy Zac! She loooovves the trampoline!!
 Such a happy girl! And when you say, "how big is Ellie?" this is what you get:
She is so adorable! We love having Lex, Brian, and Ellie here with us!
And I can't resist this! Grace is such an amazing artist - it runs in the family (except for me!).
She drew this picture of the Savior and has it framed in her room.
I love that the Savior is her best friend. Merry Christmas week to all!

1 comment:

lex said...

we LOVE being here!! ellie is spoiled with attention and brian and i are spoiled with the BEST babysitters!!!! we love you!!

and grace is quite the artist!! xo