Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Time flies when you're having fun! Here's just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There's been lots of comings and goings around here, I better catch up! July brought us the fabulous beach reunion. Oh how we love to see all of the cousins, aunts, uncles, grams, gramps, sisters, and brothers! It was an amazing few days of sunshine, overcast, boogie boarding, bagels, sand digging, beach walking, talking & catching up! I love my family!!

{when I find swim bottoms for $2, everybody gets a pair!!}

 We hurried home to see this fabulous kid....Brenden Truman....aka Spencers best buddy....before he left on his mission to Florida. He is going to be such an awesome missionary!!! Then we were off to Grace's soccer tournament up north. We had lots of family cheering her on! Go Bombers Crush!

 Silver Medalists in the Silver Division. They played 5 games in 2 1/2 days....won 4 games, lost 1. 

 Then we hurried back home Saturday night so we could head to Logandale Sunday morning for this guys mission farewell. Elder Jackson Mortensen......aka Spencers buddy since birth.....will head to Peru! And then we had 2 days to gather ourselves together, because then school started!!!!

 Traditional back-to-school breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls and Frut! With morning scripture study! 

 Erin is a Junior (11th grade!!) and Grace is in the 8th grade. 
They get to ride together to school
Zac is going into the 4th grade with Mr. Garcia
 {he loves his new back to school shirt....
I'm sure it reminds him of all of the monopoly games he has played with Spencer!}

But the first day of school wasn't all that bad..................because that day Lex and Ellie came down for 5 days, so Brian could have some time to get their hardwood floors installed (without helpers around!!) :)

We had a great visit with Lex and Ellie. Took tons of photos....see her blog for a lot more!!
After they left, it was back to routein. I started preschool again, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I love, love, love working with Miss Doree! We are sooo blessed to have the CUTEST class of 3 year olds and 4 year olds!
I also worked hard on getting this kids birthday package in the mail! I will update his blog next with everything that went into that package. It was so fun to do, and it arrived in time for him to celebrate his birthday this Saturday {Sept 21st.....19th birthday!}. We love you Elder Call!!
Right after getting his package in the mail it was time to get ready for the next two birthdays!
August 28th, Zac turned 10 and Grace turned 13! Yay for double birthdays. 
Birthdays at our house must always include: a fancy decorated chair, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, absolutely NO chores, special treatment all day long, choose what your birthday dinner will be {this year it was navajo tacos / scones!} and they even got to go out to lunch with their other birthday buddy - Alivia. How fun that was!

Kimball, Spencers buddy, stopped by and gave the kids each their own watermelon from his garden. 
They LOVED it!!!

They both received lots of fun gifts. We went to see Despicible Me 2 at the movies together, then headed home for cake and ice cream {which this year was a huge donut and an ice cream pie....their choice!}

Cute friends stopped by to say happy birthday.
And they opened dirty socks (haha!) and money from their brother Spenc.
{you'd have to be here to get that joke!}

I LOVE this picture of the two of them! So cute!
A few days later their new trampoline mat arrived, which they quickly put to good use!

Erin got asked to homecoming by Hunter Gubler....

Grace and the kitchen = yummmm!

Gramma Cindy came for a 2 week visit!!! Bike rides, walks, painting, dancing, singing, whistling, 
and lots of loving going on for sure!!!
This boy openend his mission call! Kimball is headed to Texas, Spanish speaking, at the end of October....
two days after his older brother returns from his mission in Mexico!!

We watched #9 play a great game of soccer. Go Gracie!

Livy and Gracie are never far apart!
Soaking wet from playing on the tramp in a huge rain storm!

Me and my gorgeous credit: Zac!
My beautiful mama painting. She is an amazing artist!

Lisa taking Erin out shopping for some homecoming accessories! 
{not pictured yet....the amazing dress we bought for Erins homecoming dance!!!}
Erin's "answer" to Hunter:

A lovely letter from our amazing missionary! We love you Elder Call!!

Ellie begged her mama Alexa to come down {yes, again!!} to say hi to Gramma AND Great Gramma! 
We had a fun 36 hour visit!! We went to Cafe Rio - all 4 generations together. It was so fun!

Ellie LOVES LOVES LOVES walking everywhere! She will come up to you and grab your hand,
or sometimes both hands so you can go walking with her. It's so cute. 
She is also walking a ton on her own, but holding someones hand means she can run!!
My beautful mama,
and my youngest with my oldest...

Lex braiding Gracies hair for 80's day!!

The scriptures are to bless families. Thankfully they helped us get a 4 generation photo....
Great Gram, Gram/Mom, Lex & Ellie
{But to see that photo, you'll have to go to Alexa's blog!}

Precious Ellie took both of her 2 hour naps in my arms that Wednesday. Talk about blessings!!!
That baby is A D O R A B L E!!!!

No worries, it was 80's day...hence Gracies hair!!

She loved stacking her watermelon! Look at those cute fingers!

And sometimes Erins friends say, "I'll come pick you up so we can hang out" and 
she shows up on a scooter. Thank goodness she brought her a helmet!! :)

Miss Lisa came over to do E's makeup for Homecoming. 
Dang is she ever B E A U T I F U L!!!

My handsome man with our beautiful daughter!
Gram and Erin!
{see that gorgeous dress?? I'll let Erin tell you where we got it and how much we got it for! 
She added the sleves and some length and wa-la.....perfect, beautiful dress for homecoming!!}

We had to get a picture of Erin with her brother!
The dance was awesome, her date was quite a gentleman, and she had a great time!
I'm sure she'll update soon here!

We all loved our visit with Gram! How lucky we are to have such a loving, sweet, artistic, 
fun, happy, gorgeous gramma who comes to see us! She takes special time with each of 
her grandchildren. She points out their strengths and compliments them in all that they do.
We are very, very, lucky to have such a loving Gram in our life!
Thanks for the great visit Gram!
Until next time,


Chloe Burley said...

Wonderful,Wonderful,Wonderful Post!! Made my day!! (: Erin looked GORGEOUS by the way!! Miss you all!! xoxox Chloe

Pear Girl said...

Wow I really loved reading this post!! Its definitely a little bit of evertything! So nice to hear about all the goings-on back in the states. Sounds like Gram is having the best time traveling all around! I miss each one of you so much, keep up the wonderful blogging Aunt Amy! Erin looks absolutely beautiful for homecoming!! Xoxoxo