Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stake Girls Camp 2013...Sneak Peak!

As you read this, I will have been up at camp for 2 days already, with a few more to go! I was asked to be the Girls Camp Director for 2012 (run, organize, plan for 200 young women ages 12-18 and about 50 leaders). It was an amazing experience (yet to be blogged about!!). Although I was told I would only have to do it for summer 2012, they asked me if I wouldn't mind doing it one more year. Phew!!
Let's just say that I have been Diet Coke free (& all caffeine free) since February 2012... and today is the day I could really use an icy, cold one! But I'm surviving the "day before we leave for camp" so much so that I'm gonna give you a little sneak peak instead!!!
I first have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my darling daughter Alexa Marie!! She is the one who visually pulled everything together. She is the most amazing graphic artist and can put everything together in a heartbeat. I serioulsy couldn't have done it without her!
Another shout out to my darling Erin!! She is camping with her mama (I get all the 16 year olds - 25 of them for the week!!). She has been an INCREDIBLE help downloading needed music on ipods, making posters, painting darling signs, etc. How the heck I was blessed with so many talented, artistic kids is beyond me!!
Gracie girl is going to camp as well  and that is going to be SO FUN to have her up there! Zac and Jer get to hang out together this week and they are excited!
My Girls Camp Assistant, Chrystal, has been incredible! She is always picking up my slack and doing anything I ask! She is going to be the amazing Camp Director next year (can I hear a shout out that it's her, not me!!??)
So here it goes....

 We, the Camp Directors and YCL's (youth camp leaders, the 16 year old girls) go up early on Tuesday to get camp all ready for everyone. One of our favorite parts is having something at each of the 8 ward's campsite (each church group (ward) gets their own campsite). We like to give them a big Welcome to Camp Shout Out!! We have a dark blue and light blue table cloth for their tables, these centerpieces with the cutest flags in them (glass jars are filled with dirt...we are camping after all!!), and plenty of pinecones to throw around the centerpieces. (remember, all graphic art is courtesy of miss alexa!!)

 The YCL's were also busy making a dry erase reminder board for each ward. I picked them up at Target for $1 and we added cute wood and sticks to each one. Add on a dry erase marker with twine and they're cute as can be!

 Erin used her mad painting skills to paint these amazing camp signs!! We are so excited because these can be used every year!! Yay!!

Seriously, is this not the cutest sign ever???

 We have a camp nurse that comes up with us! We hope for no injuries, but you never know!

 Another one of my most favorite signs!!

And these are the darling camp shirts that everyone gets!!
 Our theme for camp this year is, Wherever you are Stand Tall!
We will be talking a lot about being a good example every day of your life wherever you may be home, school, on dates, with friends, family, work, etc... 

Every day we will focus on "advice from a tree"
Wednesday when they arrive we talk about Standing Tall, wherever you are.
That night is our skit / lip sync night and the theme is Go Out on a Limb (get it? skit night, being crazy, going out on a limb!!?) Thursday is Drink Lots of Water (it's our big hike day)...we will also talk about drinking of the Living Water - the Savior and His teachings. Thursday night is our Spiritual night - we will talk about "Remember Your Roots" - where you came from, to nourish and take care of your roots so they sink deep and can stay strong when you face adversity. Friday morning (day 3 without a shower!!!) is Be Content with your Natural Beauty! Yay for being gorgeous out in nature!! And last but not least is  Enjoy the View! That night we get to enjoy each other, testimony night, bishops bringing up dinner. I am so excited for camp this year! But I must add in that I am excited for a nice hot shower on Saturday!!!

We have about 15 different posters and quotes to put up all around camp! 

 Craft day... two of the things we have are a temple craft (above) and wooden tree keychains that the girls can make however they please! They are always so creative! We have other crafts, but no pic's of them yet!

 We have cute quotes and posters for every campsite (the one above is for camp leaders!) 

 For every ward we have a bag filled with these darling necklaces. Jeremy, blessed guy, cut 300 tree branch necklaces and drilled holes in each one. We ordered these cute tree charms and tied them all together with blue and white bakers twine. The YCL's (youth camp leaders) did a GREAT job assembling them with us one night before camp. We love our YCL's!! 

I am super excited for a great week at Girls Camp. It is always such a spiritual, amazing time to be out in the mountains with so many valiant, strong young women and leaders. 
Until then, you enjoy your warm showers, cozy beds, and clean feet!!
Happy Campin' I will go!!


lex said...

love love love all of this! you are one creative mama! so excited to hear all about camp!! :) love ya! xoxoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

Whoa- you are going to need a break sometime & I can betcha it won't be on the 9 hour drive to the beach & while 8 older cousins + one baby cousin are making sand castles and splashing in the ocean..... :)

Jaime Morton said...

Wow, Amy! Fantastic as always! You are such a creative person. Wish I was going!

lisalynn said...

YOU. ARE. AMAZING. That pretty much sums it up. Love you sister and can't wait to see you next weekend! xoxo

Chloe Burley said...

I agree with Momma! YOU ARE MY AMAZING AUNT!!!! This is so creative! ah! xoxoxxo

Ariana said...

WOW! This is pretty funny! I am the camp director in our ward, and that tree poem was the inspiration for our camp theme also. Our camp is in a couple weeks.

Megan Barrick said...

So darling! I was asked to come up and teach a class at camp this year since I can't go for the whole week with little one. I may have to borrow your advice from a tree:) Too cute!

Jedi Craft Girl said...

I love all your ideas! I am thinking about next year!! Where did you order the charms for the wood necklaces?

Lisa Henry said...

Love this theme! And your tee shirts are super cute & uplifting, I want one for my missionary!

Ricks Family said...

Can you tell me where you ordered the tree charms from? I love this idea and I think we are going to go with it for our ward Girls Camp! Any more info/ stories/ ideas you have would be fabulous!

Amy said...

I ordered the tree charms from a little company in China...I was a little leary about using my bank card to pay, but I did and I didn't have any troubles at all. I think they took about a month to get here, so order early. Here's the link:

Amy said...

I ordered the tree charms from a little company in China...I was a little leary about using my bank card to pay, but I did and I didn't have any troubles at all. I think they took about a month to get here, so order early. Here's the link:

Ricks Family said...