Saturday, May 4, 2013

The countdown!

 On the "one month until he leaves on his mission" day, Rick and Lisa took us all out to Olive Garden. Mmmmm, do we ever love that place. Grace and Zac were trying to see how many kid cups they could acquire! It was such a fun family night! Lisa entitled the night "love your neighbors"! What fun memories we made!

 After dinner we walked around the temple. Oh how I love to be at the temple .The grounds are simply beautiful and the feeling of peace is amazing. I love to see the temple!

 It was a gorgeous night!!
 The last weekend in April was set aside to head up north. Spencer wanted a last weekend to see his cousins, baby niece, sister & brother-in-law, and grandma. Zac and Spenc had a great time being lazy Friday afternoon at Alexa's house!

 It was a gorgeous day for a walk / skateboarding adventure!

 Miss Ellie never lacked attention! Someone was always there walking her around, carrying her, or just playing with her. She was entertained all weekend long. 
 Erin never ceases to amaze me. Here she is making live flower headbands. She is so creative. The boys shot some hoops together and were the ones responsible for putting up the volleyball net. We had some awesome volleyball games going with the family and the cousins. Thanks Papa for all of your hard work so we could have so many fun things to do and a fabulous place to stay to visit grandma. We love you and miss you!!!

 We always do yard work when we are at grandmas. :)

 Brian enjoying the afternoon outside.
 Grandma with her pigtails :) and her little miss Ellie!

 The day after we got home was Pack Meeting! All 4 of my Bears received their Bear Badges! They have worked so hard. It was so fun to have them in my den this year (Shaden, Truman, Houston, and Zac)
 Graduating to the Webelos Den!
Houston, Turman, Shaden, Zac
 We are officially down to TWO WEEKS and 4 days!!!! Yesterday I had the privilege of going with Spenc to get the LAST of the things he needs for his mission!! The shopping expedition included Christensens-picking up his second suit and purchasing a sweater, Ross-new bed sheet set, Van Heusen- 2 more paris of black pants and a wallet (with an amazing $15 off our purchase thanks to the nice cashier!), Kohls - to use the $10 off any purchase....we found a pair of $60 black pants on clearance for $26....but with an additional percent off and my coupon he paid a total of $8.52 for those pants (such amazing tender mercies, love them!!) and a final stop at Costco for some groceries. Spencer bought me a smoothie to end out our shopping adventure. It was such a fun afternoon and we are so thankful to have everything (almost, just need a passport holder and thermals!!) he needs for his mission!
 For the life of me I could not get the crazy photo above to rotate correctly, but it's just so us so I had to post it anyway.
Tip your head to the left, haha!!

Thanks for the smoothie, the shopping date and for being an INCREDIBLE son!! I can't tell you how excited I am for your mission. We will miss you, but are truly so excited for this adventure in your life. We love you and are soooooo proud of you!!!
love ya, mama

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Cindy Sharkey said...

So soon Spence is leaving, give him a hug for us! I loved the shopping adventure you two had, what bargains you found. I'm glad he is ready and packed. He will do fine and I am so proud of him. I remember when Jer went on his mission....