Saturday, January 26, 2013

You can catch up (on blog posts) when you have to wait up (for teenagers on dates!)

Christmas 2012! How have I not posted about this glorious day yet?? We had a fabulous holiday season. It was bittersweet thinking it was our last Christmas with Spencer for two years (mission coming up!!). There were faaaar more sweet moments!! Here's a list of a few -
1. We set a goal at the beginning of the year as a family to read the Book of Mormon together and have it done by Christmas as our family gift to the Savior. We made it! We love the spirit that is in our home as we study the scriptures! We love the Bible and the Book of Mormon and know that they are testimonies of the life and teachings of the Savior.
2. We were asked to speak in church as a family on Sunday December 23rd. Mixed emotions here! I wasn't sure we'd  I'd be able to have too much time the week before Christmas to prepare a talk. But it was such a HUGE blessing to speak together as a family. Boy oh boy. We were asked to talk about traditions. I suggested to everyone that we all think about what we wanted to talk about and in the next couple days we would tell each other our thoughts so we could make sure we weren't duplicating each other. One of my most fabulous children (guess who!!) said, "Naaah, that's no fun!! Let's go by the spirit and each give our talks without telling each other and see what they're like". So that's what we did. I had previously asked each of the kids for Christmas for their testimonies. Their talks were their gifts to me. I have them saved and will treasure them always. To say that that Sunday was one of the most spiritual days of my life is an understatement. I am so thankful for the opportunity we had to share our feelings, testimony, love of the gospel and love we share as a family. It was a priceless gift that I will be forever grateful for!
3. Gingerbread houses, well, graham cracker houses are a must and we didn't fail this year! Fun times with the family and the creations that get built!
4. Pajama gramma! Our next door neighbors have taken over as Pajama Gramma and Grandpa. Every year they buy the kids their Christmas Eve pj's! So much fun! We had them over for Christmas Eve dinner and then we all walked around the temple to see the lights. Lovely evening. And as an added surprise, Santa came! Seriously! One sneaky guy he is, that's for sure!!
5. The one and only actual present I wanted (besides my kids testimonies) was this:
I wanted all of our handprints on a canvas so next year I could have "everyone" here for Christmas. The trunk of the tree are Ellies baby feet. Her baby handprints are at the top (yes her hands were clenched shut the entire time!). We have the three men across the bottom, Brian, Jer, Spencer, next row is Alexa, Erin and me. Then Zac and Grace. Topped off with miss E. I will cherish this gift FOREVER!!! Love it!
As you can tell we had a fabulous Christmas season. For some reason I took lots of pics on Christmas Eve, but only video on Christmas day. So, enjoy the Christmas holiday celebrations!!!

 Christmas Caramels to give to "sweet" teachers!
 Last Christmas with this handsome guy! Next year some lucky family will get to have him over!!!
 This amazing, talented girl did the place settings and centerpiece for our Christmas Eve dinner.
Sooo super talented and creative!!

 Homemade popsicle stick ornaments 

 Beautiful Erin by our beautiful tree. We have the best tree ever!! All of the ornaments are the darling preschool and grade school ornaments. And most years we have home-made personalized ornaments for each of us with that year's picture, etc. I LOVE every single decoration, for each one has it's own story behind it. Even the cookie with a bite out of it...right, Erin??! ;)
 Acting out the nativity.
 Lights at the temple!

 Being silly with Pajama Gramma and Grandpa / Uncle Rick & Aunt Lisa 
(aka = our amazing next door neighbors!!)
Santa made an early delivery Christmas Eve...these kids must have been reallllly good this year! I love this pic of Spenc and Zac putting together his new lego. Boy do those boys ever love legos!!


Cindy Sharkey said...

It's always busy at your house, but more so at Christmas. I wish I could have heard you all speak at church, I'd love to hear everyones tradition. Sweet memories for a Sweet Birthday :)

Pear Girl said...

Haha i love blog post catch-up-days! This is such a cute post, i love to see how everyone celebrates the holidays! First Christmas without Gigi, no? hahaha i'm sure she was missed in one way or another!!! Ha! Love your holiday traditions and that you had to speak in church, what a cool thing :)