Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy 17th Birthday Spencer!


We were all sooo happy when you arrived on the morning of September 21, 1994.  You were a pretty happy baby… long as you were eating!!  Alexa was so happy that she finally had here very own, live baby doll to play with!


You were a super happy little guy. I guess I should say big guy. By the time you were two,  you and your big sister (she was 5 years old) weighed the same!!


Erin came along and she was your little shadow, following you where ever you ventured off to!img177

    You were a Toy Story lover from the start! Loved Woody, Buzz and the whole gang!


You loved welcoming in new little sisters and brother into the family. When Gracie was born, you wanted a BOY SOOOOO BAD! The night she was born we called home to tell you all that you had a new little sister. You were not happy at all, running into the bathroom. When you all came to the hospital to meet her for the first time, we made sure to let you hold her first. It was love at first sight, wouldn’t you say??

And then F I N A L L Y you got what you had always been asking for…a brother! The sonogram I had when I was pregnant with Zac was during the school day. Dad and Grace were the lucky ones who got to go with me. The radiologist asked what we thought it was going to be. And Grace promptly answered, “It’s a boy. I’ve played with him before!” And she was right. It was all boy on that sono picture. On the way home from the doctor, Grace and I stopped by the party store and stocked up on baby boy decorations, streamers and balloons. We came home and decorated the entire living room and entry way with IT’S A BOY signs and such. You came home from school and before you opened the front door I stepped out on the front porch to ask you what you thought we were going to have….boy or girl?? You had a big smile on your face and came in the front door and as you saw all of the boy decorations you said “YES!!!” and then you turned around and asked, “Mom did you really see his weiner?” (sorry for the extra details…but it was SO cute!!) (Besides you were smarter than Alexa was. When I was pregnant with you I asked her how we would know if you were a boy or a girl. She answered, “If it comes out with a hair bow on, it’s a girl!” haha)z16   You are all such fun siblings, making up fabulous Christmas traditions and memories. Picture 209

IMG_1188You are an amazing example to your little brother and to your entire family!

 the pics to blog 004the pics to blog 003   You have great friends and you always think of fun, adventurous things to do.the pics to blog 005By far, your best buddy is Brenden. Here you two are showing your total displeasure in having to dress up for the Honors Night at the High School. Buddies, partners in crime, Taco Bell lovers.the pics to blog 008 For 17 years we’ve been sooooo blessed to have you in our lives! You got a big birthday hug from Zac this morning….first thing he did when he got up. You’ve made a huge footprint on our hearts that will always be there. Thank you for being happy, fun, adventurous, spiritual, funny, kind, polite, hard working, honest, and a great example to all of us!the pics to blog 010 the pics to blog 014

I would have tried to get a picture with me, too, but I had all ready made you two late for school, so I figured I better not! HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY SON! Hope you enjoyed the traditional cinnamon rolls (without frosting for you!) for breakfast, Taco Bell lunch and that you will soon enjoy your most favorite home made chicken pot pie for dinner….I’ve been in the kitchen all day!!

Must be a special guy, huh?? WE LOVE YOU!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo mama


Carey Family of Four said...

Love your Birthday tributes! Love the fun stories about each kid. And the pictures are priceless!

the mrs. said...

ahhhhh this is so cute :) and of course babies come out with or without bows :) haha, love you spenc! :) happy birthday!

larajanepark said...

I loved this post. Great pictures, it's crazy to think how grown up all of the kids are now! My girls loved being reminded of the story that Grace already knew Zac in Heaven before he was born. Spencer, you have grown up to be an exceptional man. Kind, caring, considerate, hard working, loyal, and such a pleasure to know. I'm so proud of you!!! xoxox