Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Gracie girl and Zac attack!

August 28th, 2011: Grace turned 11 and Zac turned 8. It was a fabulous day, lots of partying, cake, ice cream, and such. Those fun Call family traditions must be followed on birthdays!

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Cinnamon rolls for breakfast are a must! Although the birthday child gets to choose their breakfast, it’s always been cinnamon rolls…with a candle, or two or more!  The “birthday chair” is another tradition. The birthday child gets to sit in the newly decorated birthday chair for every meal and be served and well taken care of!

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Presents are opened and always so much fun. Every year Grace and Zac “make a plan” how they will open their presents. Usually they open the gift that they give to each other first, then the gifts from someone (let’s say Spencer), then Erins, etc… They are so cute how they plan it out and stick to their plan. They both received lots of fun gifts, toys, books, clothes, but my all time fav had to be the framed 8 x 10 drawing Alexa made for Grace (above) to go with the book she gave her. She is sooo incredibly talented. I told her she could make a "Mary Englebreit” calendar with drawing like those. She is amazing. Thank you Aunt Lara, Aunt Lisa, Gramma Cindy, Brian & Lex, Spencer, Erin, Gram and Papa Call, Lisa & Rick, and Jean for helping make their birthdays sooooo much fun!

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They couldn’t let the day go by without trying their new Nerf water guns from …. ya, you guessed it, Spencer! As you can see Zac is still in his Sunday clothes while Grace opted for her swim suit. It’s a little tough changing shirts for Zac so we just told him to get soaked, then we would help him change to dry clothes. He LOVED that!!

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Birthday dinner was Navajo Tacos or scones, whatever you call them! They are delicious. We use frozen Rhodes roll dough, let it rise then squish them flat and fry them in oil….I know, not so healthy, but sooo delicious. In the mean time, heat up your favorite chili (we love Nally Vegetarian chili), grate some cheese, slice some lettuce and tomatoes. Now make your flat fry bread taco. Mmmmmm!

For dessert they each chose their own cake. Gracie wanted a double layer heart shaped cake, which Miss Erin so graciously decorated. Zac wanted a single layer cake to decorate himself. He did a fine job. The favorite part of the night is lighting candles and re-lighting them and blowing them out. Zac is pretty much in love with the lighter we have to light those up!

It was a great day! I can’t believe those little kids of mine are now 8 years old and 11 years old. Time flies. We have a very exciting weekend coming up as Zac is getting baptized. He has made the choice to follow the Savior and be baptized as he was. We are proud of him and looking forward to a wonderful weekend with the fam, including B & A. Love you Gracie girl and Zacky! You two light up my life!! Love you sooooo much, xoxoxoxoxoxo mama

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so happy to get the details on the double call birthday goings on! We love you all very much! xoxox