Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

I spent two days in Vegas with Spencer and his best buddy Brenden. The boys played in a basketball tournament Friday, Saturday and Monday. So, while we were there I decided to show them the town. We had a great drive down the strip and saw plenty of interesting people, signs and such. (with the occasional comment from me...."close your eyes!")
I taught them my amazing gambling skills and they won this sportscar! They are going to share it for when they each have dates to take out.

Lady Liberty...made of Jelly Belly's.

This picture was taken for Zac. The boys by the Statue of Liberty at the New York, New York Hotel. Zac loves the part in the movie "Despicible Me" when he says "I stole the Statue of Liberty!! ....the small one from las vegas". "Also, the Eiffle Tower......also from Vegas". ha. He laughs at that part every time!

Spencer and his mama

16 going on 17, and just plain old 41.

Spencer was dying to ride the roller coaster at the NY NY.

Spenc was all for it (the roller coaster above them), but Brenden said no thanks!! I'm pretty sure there is no one who likes roller coasters as much as Spenc does!

"Soon I will be here...."
"....... riding this!!!!"

While we were waiting and watching Spenc ride, Brenden and I saw Spencers dream car. What is it about teenage boys and cars?? I have yet to figure that one out!!

We had a great day, although very HOT, in Vegas. I'm not a Vegas lover, but everyone has to experience it sometime!! Thanks boys for putting up with me!

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