Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Field Day

I was one of those kids growing up who just didn't love Field Day. Pretty sure Lex got that gene from me.
Grace and Zac on the other hand, LOVE field day! They are athletic, competitive and fast!
(which equals lots of ribbons won, something I never experienced!)

Zac with his Field Day buddies. Stockton, Josh, Preston & Zac.
Grace, Teagan, Mikelle and Hannah all ready for their relay race!
Grace after running her first 400 and placing 1st. Way to go hot shot!
Grace, Teagan and Mikelle staying cool!

*Even more important than field day are the friends that your kids choose. I have found that you can teach them all you can as they are growing up in your home. But about high school (even as you continue to teach and guide them) a BIG part of their lives are their friends. Choosing good friends is one of the biggest decisions your kids can make! Keep snacks and treats around for when they "drop" in. Always make your home available for them to play games, watch movies and such. It makes such a huge difference. Of all of my childrens friends, including Alexa's, our house is probably the smallest of all of them. But do you know who's house they almost always ended up at to hang out? Yep, the smallest one . . . . ours.
I LOVE having them over and welcome them, hungry boys and all!!*

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larajanepark said...

ain't that the truth! Wish we could all do it as beautifully as you do it Aim! You have the best family because you are the best mama :) xoxoxx