Friday, December 31, 2010

20 years, can you believe it???

Twenty years ago, I was married here to the most amazing man in the world.
It was the BEST decision of my life!

On Monday, December 27th, the big 2Oth year celebration began!
We left the kids in good hands with Alexa and drove off to Zion National Park
for three fun filled days of hiking, eating, relaxing, and enjoying our "kid-free" time.

We stayed at this amazing Lodge and enjoyed Zion Nat'l Park a lot!
The first day we hiked up to Angels Landing....only I stopped at Scout Lookout.
The path to Angel's Landing is soooo narrow along a sheer cliff...not my thing!!
It was a gorgeous view!!
That night we went out to dinner to celebrate the big " 2 0 ".
There's not too much open at Zion's during the "off" season.
But we did manage to find Wildcat Willies to eat at. Good times!
The next day we hiked up the the upper waterfall.
It was a gorgeous hike!
At the bottom of that upper waterfall this is what we found:
Pure white ice! The water was falling down and it was sooo cold that
it instantly froze. It was beautiful!!
Yea! We did it!!
The picture above is on Tuesday (before the storm)
and the picture below is the very next morning....same bridge.
We were so glad that we had two great hiking days before the storm rolled in!

Good bye Zion! Thanks for such a wonderful trip Jer!
I couldn't have asked for any better.
Love you JC!!


larajanepark said...

My favorite couple! Congratulations on 20 years. I remember the day you got hitched and I'm glad you are still so happy! xoxoxox

Pear Girl said...

yay! that trip looked like fun and i'm glad you guys had a good time at ZION! i love you guys and i can't wait to see you!