Thursday, August 12, 2010

can I skip first grade?

Today was Zac's second day of first grade. I went in at 8am to wake him up. Happily I told him it was time to get up to get ready for first grade! He groggily asked, "Mom, can I just skip 1st grade?"
First grade is a huge transition from half day kindergarten and from lazy summer days. I told him he could sleep just a little longer. When I went in again, he was completely hiding under all of the blankets and pillows and Alexa (he had crawled in bed with her last night.....I think he is really going to miss her when she leaves next week). He did end up getting up, ate breakfast, got ready (in record time) and off he went.
I dropped them off at school and pulled off to the side of the road to watch my almost 7 year old drop off his backpack in the 1st grade line and run off to play on the playground. Monkey bars were first, as they usually are. When did he grow up so fast? How come they have to be gone until 3:30 every day?
I miss my kids a lot during the school year and think it is so unfair that other people (teachers, etc) get to spend more time with my most favorite people in the world than I do!
ah, the lazy days of summer, which are oh, so missed.

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