Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Yesterday I took Zac and Ashlynn to the Splash Pad.
It was a blistering 105 outside, but the water was refreshing
and getting out of the house was a must!

{Ash had just dumped a cup full of water on Zac, then dropped her cup and went runnin'!}

We just happened to find two little lonely cups
while we were there.
A pink one, Ash's favorite color and
a green one, Zac's favorite color.
A coincidence?
I think not!
I'd like to think these two cups were placed just so for two little friends to find and play with them for hours! Water fights, putting them on top of the water fountains and watching them shoot up when the water came on, and much more.
I love, love, love relaxing summer days,
especially when I can hang out with my kids.....
.....who, by the way, are growing up wayyyyy too fast!!

{Ash is our little friend who comes to play every day. Kinda like Zac's little sister}
Happy Summer!!

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miss lex: said...

very cute pictures mama :)