Monday, April 19, 2010

the middle child

I know how it feels to be the middle child.
I am one.
So is Erin.
Just finishing up her 7th grade year.
13 years old.
Sometimes I would feel like I wasn't quite old enough to do what my big sister was doing, and not young enough to hang out with my little sister. Erin is squished between an older sister and brother and a younger sister and brother. Right in the middle.
She is a beautiful young woman. She is taller than both myself and her older, 18 year old sister. She has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. She has a gorgeous smile and a very contagious laugh. She has many friends and thinks that the boys are looking pretty good these days. She is way super talented! She loves hanging out with her friends, is amazing at scrapbooking, crafts (hair flowers, picture frames, etc), can out-swim any of us (except maybe Jeremy) and loves adding a little spice to our lives.
She is currently playing on the girls 7th grade basketball team. She makes a great center with her height and agressiveness (almost fouled out of the last game in the first half....) I had seen her and another player on her team laughing during a foul shot and she proceeded to tell me the story. (Please note, it was extremely hot in the gym that day, even for us as spectators, and we weren't even playing!)
The other team was at the free-throw line to shoot two. (most likely because Erin had fouled her?? not sure :) Anyway, an opposing team member said, "Man, it is so HOT in here!" Erin pipes up and says, "Ya, I know. Do you want me to leave?" As in, "I am so hot, if I leave it may cool down in here". Only Erin. So her and her teammate were cracking up laughing, hopefully enough so to distract the shooter into missing her shots.
Erin has a quick wit and has many funny things to add to any conversation. Thanks Erin for being the middle child! We love you! Our lives wouldn't be nearly as funny, spicy and wacky without you!!! Love you forever Er-bear!!

Hanging out in the hammock with friends being silly.

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