Saturday, April 24, 2010

birthday boy

Jeremy turned 41.
But, no need to be concerned.
He is just a big kid at heart, which keeps him so young.
Some of his favorites: date night(see pics below!), camping, hiking, anything adventurous and dangerous, hawaii, beaches, playing ball or jumping on the trampoline with the kids, swimming, scuba diving (preferably with sharks), fresh fruit, mangos & strawberries, a nicely trimmed lawn/yard, and anything at all that is remotely risky (jumps on his bike into the lake, cliff jumping, etc..)
LOVE you Jeremy!
So glad you are the love of my life.
Thanks for always coming back alive
after all of your many adventures.
love, me


miss lex: said...

ahhh. cute pictures :)

miss lex: said...

p.s. is that make out point that you're at??!?

Amy said...

make out point?? now how would YOU know that is where we are at???

larajanepark said...

Make out point! Ohhh goood! You two still make it up there :) (I never had any doubt about that...) xoxoxoxme